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Downloading Information ^________________^

Alright, it seems that a lot of people have been having trouble downloading certain episodes from Gundam SEED, so from now on, I'll help sandypaw in uploading all the older episodes, since for some reason, I've been able to download them from yousendit alright.

So I'll be posting links to old SEED epies, so if any of the links don't work, please tell me, and not sandypaw since she's really busy and needs to upload new Phases, I'll deal with all the old links.

Remember, to download each ep, when you click on the link that I provide, you will be directed to the yousendit.com page. There you will see the page says:

You have a file available for download.
Your download will start automatically in 10 seconds
or you can perform the following actions:

1. Click here to download the file now.

2. Click here to remove the file from YouSendIt's servers.
While you're waiting

You don't want to click option two, cuz then you'll take the file down ^___- What you wanna do is right-click on the link, "click here to download the file now," so that you can click on "Save Target As..." and voila, the file should be able to be downloaded. Don't wait 10 seconds for the download to automatically download cuz chances are, it won't work, because the file's too big and directly opening the file from its location won't work. And if the file stops downloading midway cuz it's lost connection, it's ok, just "Save Target As" again and it will resume downloading.
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